Monday, November 23, 2009

What it is like having 3 kids - part 3

Originally published February 25, 2009

This picture of my kids a little over a year ago says a thousand words about what it is like having 3 kids! My 13 thoughts about this picture:
  1. How sweet it is to see them loving on each other!
  2. This momma was too tired to care that the bigger kids had climbed in the pack n' play with the baby.
  3. This momma was just glad they were all quiet for a few seconds.
  4. The screaming began seconds after this picture was taken!
  5. This momma was having a good day because all 3 kids are actually dressed in something other than pajamas!
  6. A 3rd child does not get much alone time!
  7. You never get tired of pictures of the 3 of them together!
  8. This pack n' play was actually this poor 3rd child's only bed for a few months until his big sister was out of the real crib!
  9. A baby with a big sister gets tons of kisses! My daughter ran around saying, "Tiss him! Tiss him!" for the first several months after we brought her baby brother home.
  10. When your 3 little kids are no longer right under your feet and you head off to look for them, take along your camera because chances are what you find will be picture-worthy!
  11. The weight limit on the pack n' play must be 90+ pounds!
  12. All 3 kids contained = a beautiful thing!
  13. Lord, thank you for the blessing of them!

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  1. So sweet! My older kids love to get in the pack n play with the baby too! Too bad it only lasts for a little while :)


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