Thursday, October 11, 2012

Better than a Seaweed Snack

Yay!  It's almost the weekend!  The weeks are so busy these days that they are flying by!

My kindergartener told me a funny story this week.  He sits by his best friend at school for lunch and his friend needed help opening something from his lunchbox so the friend raised his hand and called out, "Cafeteria Lady!  Cafeteria Lady!"  One of the ladies who supervises the cafeteria came over to help him and asked him if he was "a cafeteria man?"


Speaking of my 5 year old, I have no idea why because we've talked a lot about the "writing needing to be in the back," but he often puts on his shorts backwards.  His shorts are cargo shorts with an elastic waistband so it's not super obvious when they are on wrong, the side pockets are still on the sides, but the front pockets are in the back!  I've caught the mistakes many mornings and had him fix them, but I'd say probably 3 or 4 times now he's worn them backwards all day at school.  I'm sure his teacher is thinking to herself, "Yep, obviously too many children in that family!"


Since the backwards shorts I noticed today at 3:30 pm, I've given my 7 year old daughter an additional morning job to help make sure her little brother's shorts are on the right way!


We have a Trader Joe's grocery store in the area now, and I've been twice in the past couple of weeks.  The Trader Joe's food fits in really well with our quest to cut out foods from our diet that have artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  

However, I think I took the health food thing a little too far with the Roasted Seaweed Snack:

I'd heard from another blogger that her kid loved them for snack, but nobody in my family of 6 could stand them and really, it wasn't surprising, I mean they look like this:

 But, actually, thankfully there is one creature in my family who likes them:

So, now we have some new dog treats and a dog with really fishy breath!



  1. I think even the NAME "seaweed snack" is a turnoff. Should seaweed and snack be in the same sentence???

  2. I'm a very adventurous eater, but I'm not sure that with a label of Seaweed Snack that I'd be able to put that in my shopping cart.

  3. I wouldn't touch anything with the name seaweed in it, but that may be because I live in Florida and am up close and personal with seaweed too much! Glad the dog likes it!

  4. Those look like what I feed my fish... If you have a cat, they will love them, mine tries to eat the fish food all the time.


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