Monday, October 8, 2012

Enlisting My Work Crew

I figured out the trick to catching up with Clean Mama's 31 Days to a Clean House, enlisting my work crew!

Okay, so that picture was totally posed, here's what it really looks like in action (hence the blurry):

All 4 of the kids were eager helpers (with homemade ice cream as an incentive) and knocked out the baseboard cleaning of the whole house in no time armed with just a few baby wipes!

They even moved some light furniture which I would not have done!

Shortly after bringing home our 4th child, I had a conversation with a mom of 3 children where she asked me how it was with 4 kids and I joked about the laundry being crazy and she said, "You should probably hire someone to do that."

I just responded something like, "You're probably right."  But I walked away from the conversation thinking, "I don't need to hire someone else to help with the household chores because I have four children.  I have four children to help with the household chores!"

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  1. I love it! Can your kids give my kids some pointers, please? ;)

    A Foggy Start to Fall

  2. Haha! Love the pictures. I put my kiddies to work...even the youngest (she's 3). :)

  3. I only have can I recruit yours?
    I have plenty of ice cream :)

  4. I love the ages when they're eager to help!! Great pics. :)


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