Thursday, October 25, 2012

How do you explain trick-or-treating?

One day this week I tried to explain trick-or-treating to our little girl adopted from Ethiopia 10 months ago.

Me:  "You dress up in a costume, go to the neighbor's house, knock on the door, when they open the door you say, 'Trick-or-treat!', then they give you candy, and you say, 'Thank you!'"

She laughed and laughed, thought that seemed like the most hilarious thing she'd ever heard!

So, yes, Lil' Pumpkin as you've figured out a million times over, Americans are weird!


In other Halloween related news, for some reason that I can't remember right now, I showed my 9 year old this idea for making an iphone Halloween costume.  He was completely sold and excited about it!  So guess what we'll be making over the weekend (only not for a baby, but for a 9 year old)?



I hope it's not too disastrous and of course we had to wait until the last minute!

At least I had the huge win of talking my 7 year old daughter into wearing the Dorothy costume again this year, (The one I sewed from scratch last year, and purposely made big because it was so much trouble I wanted years of wear out of it!).  She just needed some bigger ruby slippers and she was set.   Like last year, it was the allure of getting to take a stuffed dog "Toto" to school in a little basket on the Halloween parade day that won her over!

And the younger kids were happy to pick out a costume we already had from our costume bin!


We will not be giving out the typical snack-sized chocolate candy bars this Halloween.  Now that we've learned more about the issue, the tie between candy bar makers and child slavery in Africa is just too horrific.  And it seems all the big names in candy are suspect or guilty.  So, it's small, organic, fair-trade chocolates for our trick-or-treaters.  If you'd like more info. about the tie between chocolate and forced child labor,  this post from Kristen Howerton is excellent.

I am ashamed that it took us having a daughter from Africa before we became more interested in issues like these.  It should have mattered before, too!


Happy Friday, Friends!

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  1. Your Lil' Pumpkin is adorable. She's only been here 10 months? Does she know English?
    Happy Halloween

    1. We were able to finally bring her home last year on Christmas Eve! She didn't know any English 10 months ago, but now she's pretty fluent. It is amazing!

  2. Yes, Lil' Pumpkin is adorable.

    I think the iphone costume will be cute.

  3. Visiting from Friday Fragments today. I can imagine the Halloween confusion : ) Americans are a little over the top in a whole lot of ways! I love the iphone costume-some people are so clever!

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Thanks for the chocolate/child labor link. We can only be thankful for having our awareness raised---however late we get to the party!

  5. I never thought about how you would explain things to your little girl. I bet she did laugh! We are crazy. :)

    I love the iphone idea! My little guy took his army clothes to school today for his parade. He has been a soldier every single year since he was three, I think. He has no interest in being anything else. Makes it easy!

    Hope the costume making goes well!

  6. That is very good of you to bring up such an important issue.

  7. Your little girl is precious and what a beautiful smile. I am stunned by the chocolate makers, just stunned. Thank you for sharing that. I am glad I didn't buy any yet.
    It looks like our Halloween may be rudely interrupted by hurricane Sandy. My 3 year old granddaughter was worrying about her pre-schoolparade today.
    If I lived closer I would let your daughter take my dog to school..he looks just like Toto.
    Have a Blessed weekend.

  8. Halloween is pretty funny when you think about it. Your little girl is adorable.

  9. Good luck with the iphone project - can't wait to see the results!

  10. I did not know about the Africa/chocolate connection. If I have time, I will definitely switch out my candy. I think perhaps adding a note in the each trick-or-treat bag would be helpful as well. Hope your iPhone project turns our great. Have a grand weekend.


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