Thursday, October 18, 2012

Not so much a week in review

-This is really going to be short this time because I'm tired!

-It has been such a busy week that right now I literally don't remember what happened early in the week, so this little week in review is really just focusing on today.

-Amid a variety of other activities today, we did family pictures with a photographer.  Four kids plus trying to get good pictures taken is an Olympic event!  It really should have had it's own day, or maybe it's own week so I'd have time to recover!

-Did I mention the photographer had us meet her at this really pretty location, but it had all these decorative water fountains?  We keep chasing the kids away from walking right on the edge, but they were super drawn to the fountains and I was sure one of the four kids would go in before the photo shoot was over with.  Thankfully nobody did, Little Girl just stuck her arm in once.

-I didn't realize my boys' hair was a little long for the pictures until the night before.  Because I'm completely nuts, I attempted a little home trim with my husband's electric razor, you know just to clean things up a little on the sides.  Not quite disaster, but close.  The boys kept moving at the wrong moments and then I couldn't get the sideburns even, so they just got shorter and shorter! 

-And I convinced my 9 year old to wear shoes that were too small for the pictures because I haven't gotten his fall dress shoes yet (the boys are still wearing brown leather sandals to church in our tropical climate), so he wore last year's. 

-I'm going on a kindergarten field trip to the fire station with my son's class in the morning, so off to bed I go!
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  1. As crazy as photo shoots are, you'll be so happy to have those wonderful photos, especially as they get older and you're looking back! :)

    I especially loved the haircutting and too little shoes! Life is always an adventure when you have children!

  2. We had pictures done a few weeks ago. It was exhausting!

  3. Having a family picture taken with a family full of children is exercise for the week.

  4. The only way it could have gotten worse would have been including the dog. I loved the hair cutting which was always the problem at our house. And I had no skilz!

  5. I think taking a photo with everyone in the fountain would have made for a splendid family photo!


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