Tuesday, October 30, 2012

iPhone Halloween Costume Complete!

Update:  Here are my 4 costume-clad little people at 7:45 this morning!

I finished it!  I made this iPhone Halloween Costume for my 9 year old son using the idea from here.

So the picture is not great with a shadow and all, but maybe tomorrow I can get a better one of the 9 year old actually wearing it!  LOVED the printable template for 6 of the app icons from the link I mentioned.  They made things super easy to cut out with my felt.  But since I was making a larger size costume, I added 3 more apps for a larger screen area.  Those were considerably harder to create (the 3 on the far left of your screen)!  My husband and kids love the "Plants Versus Zombies" game, so my husband helped me create an icon to match the one from the game to surprise the 9 year old.  He drafted, I cut out and glued on.  It turned out pretty cool, if I do say so myself!

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  1. I agree, it turned out pretty cool. It's a neat and unique costume idea.

  2. That is great! I think homemade costumes are always the best, reminds me of being a kid. Have a happy Halloween!

  3. All the costumes are great. Haha I love the iPhone costume. Neat idea. Thanks for sharing.


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