Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Those Two!

My youngest two children are only about 18 months apart in age, currently 5 and 4 years old.  They were as thick as thieves all last spring after Little Girl came home from Ethiopia because the bigger kids were in elementary school and the littles had precious time just the two of them.  But over the summer there was a lot of the boys playing together and the girls playing together and then my 5 year old joined his big brother and sister at elementary school this fall.

I was beginning to worry that the sweet friendship between my youngest two children had faded, but they've hit their stride again.  Lately they've been scurrying up to the playroom for their own adventures while the two oldest kids are busy with homework!

I'm trying to focus on how much I love that they are playing together, because together those two are quite the mess-makers!  Last night I refused to give them dessert after dinner until they'd cleaned up all the messes they'd made in the playroom.

Those two are double trouble for sure!  But, oh my at the cute!  And the loud!  Those two are my two loudest children and you put them together?  Well, just be glad I'm only posting photos of those two and not videos!


  1. LOVED your pictures of your kids. How neat that they are so close, a bond that will never be broken. Happy TT! :)

  2. Very sweet. A beautiful Thankful heart. Enjoy those times. Don't blink! And pray for their bond to stay strong!

  3. They are beautiful! (My three kids, two just 18 mos apart are crazy, busy, "trouble"some, too. So blessed!)

  4. That's sweet! Thanks for sharing them on Thankful Thursday!!


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